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Carliandra Santos Araújo
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Rua São Paulo, 103
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CARLIANDRA SANTOS ARAÚJO QUALIFICATIONS AND PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITIES • Recruitment and Selection - SENAC/BA - Hours: 20 hours • Advanced Excel – Master Park • People Management - FIB/BA Hours: 20 hours • SENAC/BA File and Protocol Techniques - Hours: 60 hours • Dynamics and selection tests – CIEE 3 hours • Diversity in organizations – FGV 15 hours • Motivation in organizations – FGV 5 hours • Human Resources – FGV 15 hours • Transversal competences in labor legislation - SENAI 14 hours • Criminal Symposium on Forensic Psychopathology and Psychological Assessment - SIMCRIM IV20 hours • Video lessons with Zenaide Carvalho on all phases and social • HR Consultant Training – HR Institute in Practice – Validity 1 year (17 modules) • Basic English course – Monetizze – 22 hours and 43 min • Full English course – Kultivi – 200 hours • Advanced Office Package – Master Park ACADEMIC BACKGROUND • Graduate - Organizational Psychology and Strategic HR Management - (Studying) PSICOPED (2022.1) • Graduation Degree and Bachelor's Degree in Psychology – Fundação Visconde de Cairu – Trancado (2021) • Higher Education – Technological Management in Human Resources – Completed in November 2012, Centro Universitário Jorge Amado – UNIJORGE. • Accounting Technician – Learning Center and Course Integration – CAIC – Completion in 2008 • Complete High School – Edvaldo Brandão Correia State College – Completion in 2004 LANGUAGES • Fluent English and advanced Spanish COMPUTER SKILLS • Full Command: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Access. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Lyandra Human Resources Consulting – 2022.03 to current Owner The services are: Organizational Identity, Organizational Diagnosis, Job Description, Profile Assessment, Recruitment and Selection, Internship Intermediation, Inclusion of PCD, Training and Development, Vocational Courses. The results we are looking for are: - Increase team motivation - Increase employee productivity - Improve the climate in the company - Implement the culture of decisions based on data and HR indicators - Reduce employee absences - Reduce employee layoffs and turnover - Reduce labor liabilities - Define salaries and compensation models - Define positions, competencies and career plans - Develop leaders and teams - Prepare teams for changes in the shareholder board - Implement new processes, methodologies and tools. Cafeteria and Restaurant Cantinho da Vitória – 2017.12 to 2022.02 Owner Coordinated the daily operations of the restaurant in the lounge and kitchen, provided superior service and maximized customer satisfaction, responded efficiently and accurately to customer complaints, regularly analyzed product quality and researched new suppliers, organized and supervised shifts, evaluated team performance and gave feedback to improve productivity, estimated future needs for products, kitchenware and cleaning products, ensured compliance with health and safety regulations, managed the restaurant's good image and implemented ways to improve it, too. was responsible for all administrative aspects of the company (financial, personnel, accounting, inventory, replacement, among others), controlled operating costs and identified measures to cut waste, created detailed weekly, monthly and annual revenue and expense reports, promoted the brand in the local community through word of mouth and restaurant events, recommended ways to reach a wider audience (eg. discounts and social media advertisements), trained new and current employees in proper customer service practices, implemented policies and protocols to maintain the restaurant's future operations. SALVADOR PARKING - 2019.06 to 2019.12 Personnel Department Coordinator Supervision and execution of personnel management services, coordination of the personnel department, payroll calculation, delivery of all labor and social security obligations, reporting and participation in meetings, payroll calculation, collection of taxes, admissions and contractual terminations and employee vacations, monitoring of results and indicators, GFIP and other related ones, coordinating and carrying out all requests from the areas, in accordance with labor laws, within the pre-established deadlines in order to meet the company's requests and contracts, and staff roster. MASTER EMPREENDIMENTOS URBANOS – 2013.09 to 2017.04 People and Management Analyst (Generalist). Recruitment and Selection: Alignment of profile with the applicant and management, disclosure of vacancies, prospecting and classification of resumes, competency and semi-structured interviews, preparation of reports/opinions, application of semi-structured tests, application and correction of psychological tests (HTM, Paleographic ), group and individual selection processes, group dynamics, interviews and selection of employees (levels of interns in charge of management). Training: Integration of new employees, ensuring the physical and logistical structure necessary for the start of the hired professional. Survey of training needs, hiring of technical courses and delivery of behavioral topics, in addition to the use of tools that assess the effectiveness and impact of the training carried out.

Carliandra Santos Araújo

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